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Imcome Tax Refund Boar Hunt Special

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Book a Boar hunt with us for as little as $395 until April 15th
The more hunters you have, the cheaper your boar hunt will be for our Russian Cross Meat boars!
Get your hunting buddies together and save more money!

These animals will weigh between 225 and 275 pounds, I guarantee it! Don’t be fooled by other preserve’s cheaper prices that give you considerably smaller animals to hunt! These hogs will dress out at about 2/3rds, which will give you about
150 lbs of better meat than you can buy at the grocery store, for your family to eat .
If you purchase a hunt in this special, you will be paying LESS than if you bought the same meat at the grocery store! Coming here to hunt for the weekend is A LOT more fun than going to the grocery store!
The base price for this special will be $450
For one hunter and 1 hog.
That’s $145 off of our regular price!
The price for 2 hunters & 2 hogs-$440 each
The price for 3 hunters & 3 hogs-$430 each
The price for 4 hunters & 4 hogs-$420 each
The price for 5 hunters & 5 hogs-$410 each
The price for 6 hunters & 6 hogs-$400 each
The price for 7 to 10 hunters-$395 each
We would rather you not mount these meat boars(although some
people do have nice skull mounts done with these meat
boars). If you would like to hunt a boar and have a shoulder mount
done, we suggest you hunt one of our pure European wild boars.
They have better hair, longer noses, and better tusk’s
They are also great to eat, although a little bit leaner.
With this special I am going to take $100 off of the price of our Pure European Wild boars, which will make them $595 .
It will take a $100 deposit to book one of these hunts(of course that comes off of the cost of your hunt).
Don’t wait, the available dates for this hunt will fill up fast
Call me or e-mail me to book your spot for this great hunt special!
Butch Alexander/Southern Ohio Hunting Preserve

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